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Jose Avila

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David Montemayor


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Robert Gonzalez





Erate 2016-17 Network Infrastructure RFP


Q& A for Network Infrastructure:

Question: The RFP states that payment and performance bonds must submitted with the application. That is not the way our company does business because both of those bond types have a cost associated with them. We will be able to provide those bonds if we are awarded the contract. Will you still consider my proposal?


Answer: After further consideration of the bonding process, we invite bidders to submit a bid response with an exception the Clause 3.2, the bond requirements. Your proposal should clearly state that you are not including the payment bond or the performance bond but that if your company is awarded the bid, the required bonds will be submitted.



How much runtime are you looking for from the UPS? 2 hr

Do you have a backup generator onsite? No

Would you like remote management and monitoring of the UPS, with the ability to receive configurable text/email alerts? Yes

Are the UPS’s being requested on the RFP only supporting the switch gear listed, or are there more devices for us to account for? Only to support equipment listed in RFP

If there is more equipment can you, please supply an equipment list with specific model/make of that equipment as well as power supply ratings?

Do you require the UPS to have “battery independence”? This will ensure that the UPS will power-up without user interaction after lengthy power outages, even when batteries are expired and require replacement? Yes

Do you have the ability to support UPS’s that use a connection type other than a regular NEMA 5-15, 3 prong common household style connection? (Connection Type Flyer Attached) The new high scholl will have L5-30R outlets, the other existing buildings will have 5-15 outlets



What size rack do you require? Racks are measured in Rack Units which equal 1.75 inches in height. 42U racks are considered the full sized standard.

Do you have dimensions that you could share? H x W x D

Do you want a wall mount or a floor standing rack? Floor Standing for MDF’s and wall mount for IDF’s

What equipment is going in the rack other than the switch gear listed in the RFP? Only to house equipment listed and cabling patch panels

Does it need to be fully enclosed, or would you like an open frame rack? Fully Enclosed

2 post or 4 post rail mounting? If 2 post racks are used, please list locations by site since additional mounting gear for the UPS will be needed. 4 Post Rail Mounting



Are the Access Points the only PoE devices that the switches are going to be powering? Any extra phones, cameras etc…  If so please list qty by location.

When calculating wattages for the switches listed, should we account for the full PoE potential of the switch, or do you have a certain percentage you think is realistic? (50% PoE?)50 % is realistic, we will have a small amount of phone and AP’s of each switch.

Our network services includes over 800 networked devices through fiber,wired and wireless connections. We support Windows 2008, Free BSD, Red Hat Linux and Unix platforms on 10 servers. The Technology Department supports the Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 professional desktop operating systems.

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