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Instructional Strategies

Each six weeks the Curriculum Department will recognize two teachers per campus per instructional strategy that demonstrate consistent and effective use of the strategies outlined below.

The schedule is as follows:

1st Six Weeks: Learning objective-What will my students be learning?

• Bloom’s Taxonomy

• TPO’s

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2nd Six Weeks: Student accountability-How will I know if they are learning?

• Randomness

• Exit Strategies/Reflections

3rd Six Weeks: Summarizing/Organizing learning-How will they organize and share their learning?

• Marzano’s 9

• Thinking Maps

4th Six Weeks: Vocabulary-How will I introduce new vocabulary/concepts to my students?

• Frayer Model

• Concrete to Abstract

5th Six Weeks: Student Engagement-How will I keep my students engaged in their learning?

• Kagan

• Interactive Journals

6th Six Weeks: Relevance-How will I connect today’s learning to students’ prior knowledge and how could they apply it in the real-world?

• Bell Ringers

• Quadrant D of Rigor/Relevance




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