* Dates of Registration:

8/2 Returning Student Registration: 1-7:30 PM ( Last Names A-M)

8/3 Returning Student Registration: 1-7:30 PM (Last Names N-Z)

8/7-8 New Student Registration: 8-12 PM 1-4 PM

8/23 Schedule Pick-Up: 8-12 PM 1-4 PM

(*All Scheduled Dates Will Be Held In The Cafetorium*)


* Proof of Residence is Required*

Acceptable POR are:

  •  Current Utility Bill (Cable, Electric, Water)
  • Builder's Lease
  • Rental or Lease Agreement
  • Contract of Sale
  • Notary Letter or Court Document Supporting Guardianship or Power of Attorney

  (Voter Registration Cards WILL NOT be Accepted)


*Transfer Students Must Complete Student Transfer Form*


*Tips & Reminders:

  • Have your email & proof of residence ready. 
  • (Need an Email account? Create a free Gmail account here
  • Fill out and print your Registration packet. 
  • If you do not have print cabability, come on the dates listed and you can complete the doucments for enrollment on one of our computers and print there.






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