Odem-Edroy ISD 2023 Bond Program

Over the past year, the Odem-Edroy ISD Board of Trustees has been thoughtfully and strategically studying facility needs, growth and enrollment projections, school safety, community input, and a recommendation from the OEISD Long-Range Facilities Planning Committee.

The Long-Range Planning Committee met for several months to analyze and study data including a district-wide facilities assessment, demographic projections, safety and security issues, teacher and staff feedback, school finances and community input. The Board moved forward with the committee’s recommendations. With a unanimous vote, the Board called a $15,800,000 bond election to be held on May 6, 2023.

The proposed bond package will focus on safety and security improvements, growth in student enrollment, facility logistics, aging facility conditions, and evolving student programs.

BOND Summary 


Safety and Security 


All campuses 


Safe access to schools 



Elementary & Intermediate campuses 

Drainage improvements 


Elementary campus 

Instructional programs  


All campuses 

Data & Technology Infrastructure 


All campuses 

New Gymnasium for Junior High School 


JH School 

Renovate Junior High band hall for multipurpose use - Elementary PE  


Elementary campus 

Update Facilities: Deferred Maintenance  


All campuses 

Total School Bond  





  • Update entrance vestibules – Intrusion resistant glass film
  • Upgrade video monitoring and recording system infrastructure and software districtwide – migrate to Cloud Platform
  • Equip campuses with vape sensors – add to current Cloud Platform
  • Expand badge access to all areas – migrate to current Cloud Platform
  • Expand public address system to cover all parts of campuses
  • Lock-down systems
  • Update Visitor check-in & emergency alert system
  • Increase fencing and gates
  • Replace doors -- Rekey doors to like key system
  • Update Exterior Lighting
  • Expand communications system


Safe Access to Schools
  • Redesign access to parking
  • Reconfiguration students drop off and pick up lane
  • Parking and drive upgrades and repairs
  • Alleviate congestion: Striping and signage


Drainage Improvements
  • Alleviate standing water during rain events at Elementary school


Instructional Programs
  • Enhance K-12 Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (S.T.E.M.) offerings
  • Update Career Technical Education (CTE) - 21st Industrial Trades options
  • Instructional materials and equipment
  • Update to classrooms as required


Data & Technology Infrastructure
  • Network infrastructure
  • Structured cabling system
  • Fiber between campuses
  • Extend Outdoor Wireless Networks
  • Server Infrastructure - data backup- recovery equipment replacement
  • Cybersecurity


New Gymnasium for Junior High School – used for PE, athletics, and other events.
  • Regulation size courts for basketball and volleyball
  • Support spaces: locker rooms, training room, laundry, offices, restrooms, concessions


Renovate Junior High band hall for multipurpose use - Elementary PE
  • Adapt building for multipurpose use
  • Indoor physical education and play space close to Elementary School
  • Flooring, lighting, painting, physical education equipment, and storage


Update Facilities: Deferred Maintenance
  • Replace roofing and decking as may be required
  • Repairs to buildings to prevent further deterioration
  • Other repairs to improve weathertightness


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